I don't think I'm alone in admitting that I've discarded my share of space-hogging phone docks due to a complete lack of practical or aesthetic use for them. My mind instantly changed, however, when I saw the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam dock sporting a 1:100th scale Bandai "Gunpla" model kit.

Coming this summer in Japan, the Bandai/Sharp 12.1 mega-pix OLED "Gunpla" cell phone will come coupled with a fully-posable RX-78 mobile suit model kit. While the toy/phone package is awesome by itself, the phone comes equipped with decals, Gundam-themed pre-installed software and, of course, the tech-looking, gray base for everything to rest within, around and atop.

Gigazine has scads of images from the product's debut, plus some tidbits on where Japanese fans can preorder the phone/model kit package. There's no plans to bring the phone to North America at this time, though, meaning I'll be stuck charging my phone flat on its back as usual.[Via Kotaku]

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