Bandai's Tamashii Nations toys look stellar at conventions when Bluefin displays its wares, and that has as much to do with the toys themselves as it does their unique environments. Come April, even the most casual collectors will be able to come closer to achieving the same level of display detail on their own with new stand bases from the Tamashii Stage line.

Designed specifically with Bandai's own 6" tall S.H. Figuarts toys in mind (but compatible with any figure, really), new gray and beige "Impact" bases can be positioned to simulate the appearance of massive craters, plus scads of other rubble situations. Basically, if you want to make it look like your action figure is getting kicked through skyscrapers to ultimately crash in a sun-scorched wasteland, these sets can help make that happen.

Billed as "Ideal for enhancing battle scenes with extreme collateral damage caused by being kicked through walls, explosive impact, or massive power build up cratering effects," the $17.99 sets can accomplish quite a bit on their own with some 7 craggy pieces and clear display stands. The battle zone sky is the limit, though, since the sets are all compatible, allowing fans to expand plastic devastation as far as they wish.

You can see if the stands make an impact on you below.



With S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Agito Burning Form


[Via Tamashii Nations/Tamashii Nations USA]