It may not be Gotham City, but it looks like Bradford, Northern England has a caped crusader righting wrongs and defending the defenseless, nonetheless. On February 25, a man dressed in an Adam West, Batman '66-style costume delivered a wanted felon to the police department before "disappearing into the night."On the Bradford Police Facebook page, an officer wrote that "Batman came into the helpdesk, stated to the staff 'I've caught this one for you' and then promptly vanished into the night to fight crime and the fear of crime in Bradford."

As of yet, the identity of this Batman is unknown, although the hunt is on. According to the BBC, a local shop owner sold a Batman costume to a young man in his 20's a few days before the incident, and does know his name, as he apparently paid with a credit card. The store owner has since sworn to keep his identity a secret according to the BBC.

Whether or not Batman's appearance in the city of Bradford will lead to... escalation, is so far unknown. You can see the BBC video reporting the story below.

[Via BBC]

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