Between the inclusion of the Riddler and Penguin, Batman: Arkham City's been getting loads of new villains reveals lately, but anti-hero Catwoman trumps them all as a full-on playable character. Rocksteady Studios marketing game manager Dax Ginn gave Gamespot the inside scoop on Selina Kyle's newly-announced playable status, explaining that she's substantially more than a simple Batman re-skin, acting as an independent gaming experience with an all-new fighting and upgrade systems. What's more, Catwoman's story will intertwine with Batman's, fleshing out the game for further hours of gameplay.As a capeless criminal/crimefighter, Catwoman will rely on a grappling hook and her patented claws to navigate Akrham City's massive environments. Fighting also looks pretty purrrrrfect as Catwoman's acrobatic moves are shown coupled with a whip, bolas and other goodies. I'm not sure how (or if) Catwoman will replicate Batman's "detective mode," but maybe that's what those huge goggles of hers are for?

See Catwoman in action in Arkham City below:

[Via Joystiq]

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