As part of its DC Comics x Converse's Fall/Winter collection, shoemaker Converse launched its newest Design Your Own DC Comics Chuck Taylor All Star shoes campaign this week, featuring artwork from the Batman: Arkham City video game. Similar to the previous Design Your Own DC Comics Sneakers process, this feature allows the customer to design their own shoes by offering a selection of customizable parameters, including innovative digitally-printed canvas, rubber soles, lining, and even a personalized heel strip.

Converse invited me to demo the new "Design Your Own Arkham City Chuck Taylor All Stars" during New York Comic Con last month, and after the meticulous process of customizing every detail, I ended up with a great pair of kicks featuring the Arkham City incarnations of Batman and Catwoman. Check out my review of Converse's customizable Arkham City sneakers after the jump!Similar to their previous Design Your Own DC Comics sneakers, Converse's customization specs for the Arkham City shoes included exclusive character design parameters such as the Arkham City portraits of Batman, Robin, Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin. Other custom options include matching shoelaces, stitching, lining, eyelets, and even a personalized ID heel strip, allowing the customer to create the ultimate shoe to suit their style preferences. The design process was incredibly easy to navigate, and the zoom and rotate features allow the customer to fully visualize and modify the mockup of their shoes with ease.

Despite my previous plea for Robin sneakers, I ended up opting for Batman vs. Catwoman shoes, since I'm not too crazy about Tim Drake's design in Arkham City (and since there was no option for the Arkham City Nightwing design). I selected the Batman print for the right shoe and a Catwoman print for the left. With these particular shots of each character, I was inspired to create a visual narrative on my shoes. For the details, I opted to coordinate with the monotone artwork, including all-black soles, sidewalls, laces, eyelets, and heel strip. After making the crucial decision to put either "GOTHAM" or "ARKHAM" on my heel strip (side note: I really wish that there was an option to get different text on each shoe), I submitted my sneaker specs and my new Arkham City shoes arrived shortly.

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The detail of the digital printing was incredibly crisp and sharp on the canvas material, especially in comparison to Converse's current catalog of screenprinted graphics. Because of the innovative print-by-demand process involved for producing the Arkham City designs, I look forward to seeing how this will expand the DC Comics x Converse catalog in the upcoming year, perhaps to include a variety of more intricate comic book art.

The Design Your Own Arkham City Chuck Taylor All Star shoes are available in unisex sizes, and run for $75. Head over to Converse to start designing your new Arkham City kicks!

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