As intrigued as Batman fans have been by the potential addition of more Robin-centric content to Batman: Arkham City this week, it turns out the game's iOS spinoff title has delivered some of its own Tim Drake goodness. The latest Batman Arkham City Lockdown update delivers a new level, new gameplay, more character skins, four challenge missions and a full new mission that pits the Caped Crusader against Poison Ivy and (a Poison Ivy-controlled) Robin. Players can also advance to level 40, buy a new Batman: Year One skin and access new digital comics via comiXology. Check out the new update trailer after the jump.

Here's the official rundown of what awaits players in the new full mission update from the Batman Arkham City Lockdown page:
Take cover as Poison Ivy takes control of the Gotham City police force and turns them into her willing henchman. Enjoy a brand new style of gameplay and face off against one of Batman's most formidable opponents – the ever faithful Robin.
You can check out the trailer below:

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