If you haven't been sold on Batman: Arkham City's more brooding take on Tim Drake thus far, the Arkhamcity.co.uk board has spotted additional looks for the anti-Boy Wonder that might be more your speed. An image collecting the standard outfit along with Drake's Red Robin and (Dick Grayson's) Batman: The Animated Series skins have popped up on Amazon.de, rounding out a collection of costumes that should mesh nicely with Batman's several variant skins.Currently only players who preorder Arkham City from Best Buy will have access to Robin in the game's special challenge maps when the game drops on October 18. As noted by Joystiq, those who don't go that route will have to wait for Robin via DLC. Or you can buy the Arkham City Robin/Joker action figure two-pack coming from Mattel and set up a bunch of pro wrestling/MMA action figures for him to beat up in a plastic cage fight. Am I the only fan who has priced this scenario out? Don't answer that.

[Via Joystiq]