This behind the scenes video showcases Batman: Arkham Knight's new Dual Play mechanic, depicting tag team action between Batman and Nightwing.

Rocksteady Studios' latest Arkham Insider video features Brand Marketing Producer Dax Ginn highlighting some of the new features going into Batman: Arkham Knight. First, Ginn speaks with Tim Hanagan, the game's Lead AI Programmer. Hanagan showcases some new gameplay footage featuring Batman and Nightwing at one of the Penguin's big munitions warehouses. About two dozen baddies are inside, organizing Oswald Cobblepot's contraband. Batman is seen walking across the building's glass roof, while Nightwing has already infiltrated the compound and is stealthily waiting for the Dark Knight's arrival to coordinate their attacks.

Due to current-gen capabilities, Batman is able to engage a lot more enemies than before. Luckily, Dick Grayson is there to help back him up. Batman jumps up and throws a small explosive to shatter the glass roof beneath him, resulting in him landing amidst the dozens of the Penguin's goons below. The computer AI takes control of Nightwing during the fight, but you're able to seamlessly switch between the two whenever you'd like. If there's a specific enemy you want to focus on and your partner is beside him, simply switch to address the issue and change back without ever dropping your combo score. Nightwing still uses his electrified Escrima Sticks and showcases a more acrobatic-style of combat compared to his old mentor and father figure.

A quick Q&A session at the end of the video reveals that Batman: Arkham Knight will feature various gangs of multiple villains causing havoc throughout the streets of Gotham, including the militarized forces of the Arkham Knight. There are going to be a variety of citizens, police and emergency service workers who are in peril throughout the city, occasionally needing the Dark Knight's help. Scattered across town will be the Riddler's elaborate puzzles. Don't expect the Riddler's traps to be simple pressure plate sequences anymore; you're playing as the World's Greatest Detective, you know.

Batman: Arkham Knight will make its long-awaited debut on June 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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