Rocksteady Studios' Brand Marketing Producer Dax Ginn is back to provide another behind the scenes look at Batman: Arkham Knight's development with his team's latest Arkham Insider video. This time, Ginn is interviewing Lead Character Artist Albert Feliu Gomis, and we get all kinds of awesome info about Rocksteady's third and final game in the Arkham series, including details about the Dark Knight's mysterious new villain.

In regards to Batman himself, Gomis explains we have more militarized effects added throughout the Batsuit to fight the Arkham Knight's armies. This suit is Bruce's most effect getup yet, as it focuses on mobility, protection, strength enhancement and adaptability. Instead of having Batman's cape attach around his neck or shoulders atop of his suit, it's actually integrated beneath his armor at a lower position.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Arkham Knight, who has access to a different (but almost equal) set of assets. The Arkham Knight's armor is militarized like Batman's new suit, but he also has a Tony Stark-esque helmet display which helps him organize his armies throughout Gotham. His red and black camouflage can be seen on most of the vehicles and soldiers under his command. Gomis said that everything is meant to almost cancel each other out between Batman and the Arkham Knight, where the Batmobile rivals the Knight's army and their super suits are evenly matched.

Gomis explains that Poison Ivy was one of the hardest characters to bring up to current-gen graphics, as they wanted her to look as real as possible. We also get a little bit of the thought processes involved in determining Scarecrow's new look, as it's hard to tell where his face ends and his mask begins. It was interesting to hear Gomis talk about the character creation process, where he sat down with the game's writers to see where the story was going in order to determine what visible changes should be made to the members of the Rogues Gallery.

Batman: Arkham Knight will leave the Batcave on June 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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