Look, we all know James Franco is a weird guy. He has practically made a career out of being a weird guy. But it's still sort of astonishingly strange how the actor and director came together with a group of friends (at least, they seem to be friends) to mash up the famous dinner scene from Beetlejuice with Batman.

The video is part of Franco's "Making a Scene" series on Aol Originals, where Franco and pals spin a wheel twice, two movie titles come up, and they have to throw them together. They've all been quirky and funny, but this one is probably the oddest of the bunch.

The scene isn't much of a recreation of either of the movie scenes that come up on the wheel. The only similarity to the "pencil" scene from The Dark Knight is that the Joker is in it, and while it sort of resembles the Beetlejuice dinner scene, what actually transpires is totally different until everyone starts dancing to Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat Song." Beetlejuice is at the table, eating. (Franco, for the record, doesn't seem to have seen Beetlejuice.)

It works great as a goofy parody, though. The little details are what really make it. Catwoman just hanging out. Batman talking about his suspended license and letting it slip almost immediately that the Batcave is at Wayne Manor. Beetlejuice making a case for Michael Keaton as the best Batman. All the casual cursing. And Batman continually calling the character of Lydia "Winona."

It's definitely worth your four minutes, if only to gawk in wonder at how super-weird it is.

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