Remember those wonderful illustrations of a lightsaber-wielding Batman engaging in combat with a shark by Andrew Zubko? The idea of the Caped Crusader bringing his war on crime away from Gotham City to both the Intergalactic Empire's numero uno badass and the most ruthless predator in the open seas was just too delicious for words. And now, the idea is delicious enough to eat.

Liz Marek of the Artisan Cake Company found inspiration in the Batman illustrations and recreated them in delicious cake form. That's right: Batman, Darth Vader, sharks and sugar-coated victory. Marek describes the cake thusly: "This cake was made for my super nerdy husband's 26th birthday. All his friends where very confused. Guess they have lives or something and don't follow Internet memes."

Truly, this is a cake that makes you proud to be a comic fan.Source: Great White Snark

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