If you're not entirely sure why Batman was so insistent on taking the blame for Harvey "Two-Face" Dent's killing spree at the end of "The Dark Knight," you're not alone. Batman doesn't get it, either.

The Key of Awesome pokes a formidable hole in "The Dark Knight" in their latest video, "The Dark Knight Is Confused." The parody picks up in the aftermath of Dent's death and Bruce Wayne's subsequent escape from the Gotham Police Department - except now we know what Bruce was really thinking on that motorcycle ride of shame.

"Why the hell did I agree to take the wrap?" Batman rappingly muses. "Harvey Dent killed those people, who gives a crap?"

In order to rectify Bruce's confusion over a myriad of plot points, Alfred and the Joker sit down the Caped Crusader in front of a DVD copy of "The Dark Knight." There, they analyze certain logic lapses such as Harvey's sudden transformation from good to evil and how Joker was able to find time to rig C4 to both passenger boats.

I'm not sure that the parody does much to explain the convoluted plot of "The Dark Knight," but it's certainly hilarious nonetheless. Check it, after the jump.

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