Fear not, Batman Inc. fans! Despite speculation that the Grant Morrison-scripted comic about turning Batman into a worldwide franchise was about to go the way of the dodo in September, DC has announced that the current series will continue through #10, and will relaunch with a new #1 comic in 2012 after a hiatus.As Morrison told The Source:

Batman, Incorporated will continue through to Issue #10 and August's shocking season finale that changes the Batman status quo yet again. The series will take a brief hiatus while I work on a major new project to be announced shortly. Batman, Incorporated returns next year with me, Chris Burnham and Batman: Leviathan, the epic 12 part conclusion to my 6 year Batman saga. Don't miss it!

The very brief announcement offers no indication of what month we can expect the new series, although it will obviously not be part of DC's relaunch in September. Regardless, the news will doubtless come as a relief to many Morrison fans. *COUGH*daviduzumeri*COUGH*

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