Okay, okay, before any of my friends or relatives see that headline, I'm not actually dead -- but you wouldn't know that from reading DC's upcoming Batman Inc. #6, where my corpse is found in Gotham City, being eaten by seagulls.

Despite expectations, however, It wasn't the Joker or the KGBeast who did me in. The real culprit is artist Chris Burnham, a fan of ComicsAlliance's tireless Batmanology and our own David Uzumeri's work annotating Batman Inc., who dropped my dead body into the issue as a joke. But that said, it's hardly the only amazing thing in the preview DC released today. Check out four pages from the issue below, including Bruce Wayne's new bodyguards, Commissioner Gordon's Secret Badge, and -- the words we've all been waiting for -- All-Out Alfred Action!

And as a special treat to all my haters, a close-up of the body, provided by Burnham:

I want to give a huge thanks to Chris Burnham for this. Even though it's under pretty grim circumstances, appearing in a Batman comic is the culmination of a lifelong dream. Plus, even though it's only a one-panel cameo, I really hope this leads to the Caped Crusader investigating my death in a future issue. Uzumeri's a pretty likely suspect, but the smart money's on ComicsAlliance editor Laura Hudson.

When she sets a deadline, she is not kidding around.