Last week, David Wolkin and I posted a deconstruction of Batman: Odyssey by Neal Adams, a comic book that is both near and dear to our hearts, and possibly the most insane thing we have ever read. In the introduction, we jokingly imagined a Neal Adams series called Batman: Hobo, wherein Batman was a homeless tramp, the Batcave was a cardboard box, and Catwoman was just a cat that kept stealing his food.

Now, thanks to a determined illustrator and CA reader named Rob Woodrum, this whimsy has become a fan art reality. Behold, Batman: Hobo, our fever dream made manifest.

Thanks, Rob! Your work has inspired many high fives around the ComicsAlliance digital office. More of Rob's work, including his comics, is available on his website.

Further, we have also been informed by CA reader Brian Sotak that Nude Bruce, the banana-eating narrator(?) of Odyssey makes an appearance as an animated character in the 3D animation promo reel for Adams's Continuity Studios, which you can watch here.

The smoldering, unblinking gaze of our favorite shirtless hero makes an appearance mid-way through the reel, as Nude Bruce begins narrating the scene on top of the train car where he will ultimately meet MANIACO, the Mexican maniac.

As always, we have come away only wanting more.

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