Listen: I love Batman, and, for obvious reasons, I am always up for seeing people who love Batman get unexpected and unique Batman-related presents just because they really, really love Batman. As a result, it was pretty fun to watch the video above, an installment of Super-Fan Builds where a big Batman fan and his presumably equally Batman-loving son are given a custom-made stroller built to look like the Tumbler from Batman Begins.

There's just one problem, and it's a pretty obvious one. You, uh... you know how Batman's origin story goes, right? As cool as it is, maybe an item that makes your kid more like Batman is not the best idea.

In any case, Josh Earl (nominated for super-fan status by his wife, Maressa) will probably be fine as long as he doesn't take his young son Collin to any movies about Zorro, and in the meantime, they've got an amazingly sweet stroller to tear around the neighborhood in for the next few years. Seriously, watch the video -- it's worth it to see how much Collin really seems to love his Batmobile when he sees it at the end.

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