You've got to give it to Telltale Games with this Batman series. The developer has made licensed games before, but taking a character and world as adored as the Dark Knight's and making it wholly your own in this day and age isn't easy. There have been so many different interpretations of the Batman myth over the last 75 years, it's not only hard to find a new wrinkle to explore, it's also next to impossible to tell a worthwhile story tapping one of those unseen veins.

With Batman: The Telltale Series, Telltale hasn't just done all of those things, it's done them incredibly well. This gaming adventure has been a terrific joy to experience from the get go (even if it is at times a bit buggy), and the further into Telltale's version of Gotham we go, the more invested we've become. Now of course comes the tricky part, as the latest trailer introduces the Joker for the very first time.

It's tough to talk about the events of this game without spoiling what's going on, but Telltale's version of Bruce has had his world shattered up to this point. Without delving too deeply into the narrative, the early days of his being the Dark Knight in this version of history aren't going great, and they are actually going worse and worse the longer he's in the cowl. Just by watching the trailers and seeing some screenshots, you know Harvey is already fast on his way to fully embracing his dark side, the Penguin is amping up his civil unrest, and now Bruce will come face to face with his most dangerous nemesis.

If you haven't been playing because you're waiting for the whole story to conclude, the good news is this is the penultimate chapter. Next month should see the final episode release, so you can finally get in on the game every Batman fan has been talking about all year. If you have been keeping up with the Wayneses, the wait probably just got that much more excruciating knowing what's to come in just a few more days.

Batman: The Telltale Series, Episode 4 - "Guardian of Gotham" will be out beginning on Nov. 22 across all compatible platforms.


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