Turns out Telltale Games' big reveals weren't just limited to the Marvel Universe this evening. During The Game Awards, the developer showed off an extended look at the first episode in the next chapter of its ongoing The Walking Dead saga.

This time, players will step into the shoes of new character Javier, and guide him as he attempts to survive in the post-zombie world. Javier won't be alone however, as Telltale's fan-favorite character Clementine will also take part on this journey.

The footage shows what life was like for Javier when the outbreak hit his family, though it's not clear just how long ago that was in terms of the Walking Dead timeline. Clementine has certainly aged a few years since the last time we saw her, so either Javier is recounting the events, or he's lived a very special and sheltered life away from the pain and sorrow so many suffered early on in the apocalypse.

So as not to spoil too much of what happens in case you're waiting for the game to release to learn more, we'll end our story talks there. During the Game Awards it was revealed the first episode was actually so big and full of story it was going to be split into two episodes. The good news is both episodes will debut at launch, so you won't have to wait to play out the entire pilot episode. The bad news is, we're still a few weeks away from getting our hands on the action ourselves to find out what's been going since season two ended back in 2014.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, "The Ties That Bind" will be available on Dec. 20 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices.


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