In what can only be a complete cosmic confluence of comic book love, McDonalds is following up last month's Marvel Heroes line of HappyMeal toys with eight all-new toys culled from DC's animated "Batman: The Brave and the Bold."

The line will include mini action figures of Batman, Blue Beetle, the Joker, Plastic Man, Aquaman and Green Arrow, plus vehicles like the Batmobile and Black Manta's sub. Unlike most of Marvel's toys, most of these figures sport some serviceable articulation in addition to their action feature to boot.

Releasing the line now is fine timing considering the "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" video game drops in a few weeks, to say nothing of the series' approaching second season on Cartoon Network and November's relaunch of its tie-in comic book series. Of course, Argentinians had the toys months ago, meaning there's little chance fans can glean much info from the toys regarding future storylines.

See all of the toys after the jump.

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