A new trailer for the animated "Batman: Under the Red Hood" has hit the scene. So far it seems pretty at home with DC Universe's other recent animated features, although I confess I'm bummed that "Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles didn't have any voice time as Jason Todd aka the Red Hood. I keep wanting to hear him shout "Sammy!"

Despite Ackles' vocal absence, Bruce Greenwood is present and account for as he narrates the trailer in Batman mode. Neil Patrick Harris, Vince Martella and Jason Issacs are also on hand for starring roles, but I'm most interested to hear Aquaman and Bender voice actor John Di Maggio's take on the Joker.

The trailer looks pretty slick in terms of animation quality. Batman is mostly imposing as he tools around on a snowbound batcycle, the Red Hood seems feisty firing various deadly projectiles and the Joker laughs a terrible laugh. From here the ingredients look ripe and ready to mix.

My attachment to Kevin Conroy keeps me from completely warming up to Greenwood's take on Batman for now. He sounds like a younger dude Bale'n it up a bit. I'm still totally down to give the movie a chance when it hits this summer, though.

[Via SuperheroHype]