Fans have been getting their fill of the Red Hood of late with the character's appearances in "Batman and Robin" plus Mike Mignola's version of "Detective Comics" #138 for "Batman" #700, but an even meatier dose of RH action can be found at the new fully launched "Batman: Under the Red Hood" animated feature Web site.

In addition to hosting the animated feature's official synopsis, trailer and DVD and Blu-ray preorder options, the site has several new character images to pan through including the Joker, Ra's al Ghul and a non-battle-damaged Amazo. While many characters have popped up during the feature's two trailers, the new site is pretty much the first clear look fans have had at a few of Batman's rogues.

Unfortunately the site doesn't host any video games yet, meaning those yearning to play "Smash Jason Todd with a Crowbar" are going to have to wait until the movie comes out on July 27 to see how gruesome things get for the world's arguably most obnoxious Robin.

[Via Comicvine]