Once in awhile you read a piece of Hollywood news that makes so much doggone sense you almost take it for granted. If you've read Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden series from Dark Horse Comics, chances are THR's report that the adventures of the team of adorable, supernatural-slaying pets from the suburbs is getting a CG animated feature with Shrek and Chronicles of Narnia director Andrew Adamson producing will inspire a calm and rational emotional response. You know, like blasting Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" while you bust a move with your pug.THR reports that Strange Weather Productions' Aron Warner and Dark Horse's Mike Richardson will co-produce, with Jeff Fierson and Keith Goldberg serving as executive producers, respectively. Reel FX (all three Open Season movies) are slated to bring the BoB characters to CGI life when and if the time comes.

Given today's CG animated climate, a properly executed Beasts of Burden feature seems like it'd hit that sweet all-ages spot only select Pixar films seem to really nail. BoB walks a tightrope of delightfully cute and surprisingly dark themes on all fours with its tail wagging in comics form in my humble opinion, so here's hoping Dorkin and Thompson's Eisner Award-winning series retains and expands on what makes it special throughout the adaptation process.

At any rate, there'll be more all-new stories Beasts of Burden tales over the coming months in Dark Horse Presents #4, 6 and 8.

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