Should you ever doubt that the Internet is truly a magical place, consider this: Any time you want, you can head over to YouTube and watch a VHS rip of 17 minutes of live-action bumpers from 1995 where an actress dressed as Japan's greatest superheroine talks about the episodes, gives life lessons, and reads fan mail.

The bumpers were originally recorded for a Black Friday Sailor Moon marathon in 1995, with actress Tia Browsh in the lead role, and I love them with absolutely no trace of irony, especially the part where she refers to Luna as a "yakety-yak cat from outer space." Take some time and enjoy it, won't you?

Maybe the best part of the entire thing, aside from the gloriously cheerful enthusiasm that Browsh shows in her role, is how completely harsh she is in shutting down questions from fans. Admittedly, this is perfectly in character for Serena -- she always was a little selfish -- but dang, those poor kids who wrote in asking if they could one day become Sailor Scouts probably had their whole weekend ruined when Sailor Moon not only told them no, but told that one poor kid he was a "bean brain." Not cool, Serena. At least let me -- uh, them down gently.

[via @dragonchild12]

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