It's an exciting time for Jean Grey fans. On movie screens, Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner is embodying the character as nobody has before. (No disrespect to Famke Janssen, she just never had as much to work with.) Meanwhile in comics, Extraordinary X-Men features a time-displaced version of Jean whose past is free from the traumas of Phoenix, Madeline Pryor, and '90s comics art.

This is an era of all-new potential for a character who spent the '60s as "the girl" of the X-Men, and most of the following decades as some combination of host to an amoral cosmic force, axis of a man-centric love triangle, and dead. In both the movies and the comics, we have a young Jean who's still learning her full potential as a mutant and a hero, and who's written as a real person with a real personality.

That's not to say Jean hasn't accumulated fans over the preceding years; she absolutely has. Whether your first Jean was the Marvel Girl in her green Go Go dress, the Phoenix (who we were later told wasn't Jean, but let's be real it was basically Jean), the hyper competent blue-headsock-wearing Jean of the '90s comic and cartoon, or the cool black leather Jean of the turn of the Century (whether drawn by Frank Quitely or played by Famke Janssen) --- it's hard not to be excited about this next era of the character.

To celebrate that, we've put together some of the best Jean Grey fan art on the web. Some of it looks like Sophie Turner, some of it features various looks from the comics, and some of it is entirely new. Phoenix, Marvel Girl, or just going by Jean, she's one of the first ladies of Marvel Comics as well as one of the most powerful, and this artwork celebrates that.


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