I’ve done a number of these 'Best Art Ever' galleries now, and I can say, without hesitation, that this one was the hardest to put together by far. By far. Not because it was difficult scrounging up enough cool art to fill a gallery, but because there was enough amazing art to fill a hundred galleries! I swear, there are people on DeviantArt who draw nothing but Sailor Moon. People who have page after page of fantastic fanart dedicated to ol’ Meatball Head and her friends and enemies. It’s ludicrous how many great takes and redesigns and re-imaginings there are out there, and I know there were probably so, so, so many that I never even saw.

Believe me when I tell you that while the art I’ve put together here is great, it’s only scratching the surface, and that may be the most telling example of just how beloved and inspirational Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon was and is to fans and artists from all over the world. What’s also amazing is how diverse the age range in the Sailor Moon fandom is, as some of the artists have loved the manga/show since its debut in the 90s, while some discovered it later in reruns on Cartoon Network, and some even newer fans have only discovered it recently with 2014’s new reimagining of the series, Sailor Moon Crystal.

So whether you know them as the Sailor Scouts or the Sailor Soldiers (or the Sailor Guardians) and whether you call her Serena or Usagi or Princess Serenity, we hope you’ll enjoy this small sampling of the amazing world of Sailor Moon fan art.


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