Ever since that massively eyebrowed miser Simon Stagg showed up on the first episode of Cartoon Network's Beware the Batman, I've been waiting for the show to follow up and introduce Stagg's ever-present nemesis/potential son-in-law, Metamorpho, The Element Man! Now, it seems the wait is over: In this week's episode, Batman goes toe-to-toe with the one and only Rex Mason!

Check out a clip (and learn a little history about the fabulous E-Man) below!



Originally created in 1965 by Bob Haney and Ramona Fradon, Rex Mason was a globe-trotting adventurer that Stagg employed to travel around looting items of interest from various dangerous places. One such item, the mysterious Orb of Ra, ended up transforming Rex forever into the "freak who never fails," Metamorpho, with the astounding ability to change his body into any combination of the elements on the periodic table. He'd pound enemies into submission with marble fists, rescue the beautiful Sapphire Stagg from certain doom by speeding to her as a cobalt tornado, and routinely trounce his romantic rival, Java, an unfrozen caveman, with his powers.

Metamorpho's adventures were pretty much the definition of "madcap" and stick out as some of Haney's most bizarre scripts, but underneath all that was an attempt to capture some of the magic of Marvel Comics by giving readers a hero who didn't like being a mismatched lump of elements. In short, if you've ever wanted to know what Ben Grimm would be like if he'd been a part of DC's Silver Age, you're lookin' at him.

While he's never managed to land a starring role on television, Metamorpho has been seen or mentioned on Justice League Unlimited, Brave and the Bold (as part of the Outsiders), and, perhaps the weirdest place for a character like him to pop up, the CW's ultra-serious Arrow. Now he's duking it out with Batman:



If you'd like to know more about him, here's his origin... in song form!



And heck, while we're throwing around videos, here's where I assume they got the title for this week's episode, "Toxic."



Beware the Batman airs at 10 AM on Cartoon Network's DC Nation block.

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