Imagine you're Jack Burton, driving your bigrig truck around fighting kung fu villains, and suddenly you find yourself in the crime-ridden dystopian future time of 1997, in which the city of Manhattan is a high-security prison. And there's there's a man there, in that future, who looks just like you, except with an eyepatch. A man named Snake Plissken.

That's the strange reality we find ourselves in with the announcement of Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York, a crossover comic (obviously) coming soon from Boom Studios, written by Greg Pak, with art by Daniel Bayliss.

Since both John Carpenter-directed Kurt Russell movies have already had ongoing comics at Boom, this crossover was probably inevitable. But personally, I'm still hoping to see more movies get involved in the story. How exciting would it be if a third Kurt Russell suddenly flies in on a helicopter in the fourth issue and announces that any of them could be the Thing? And to find out who it is, they'll have to steal some sunglasses from Rowdy Roddy Piper? Sorry, my imagination is running away with me, but I have no doubt there's going to be plenty of excitement in Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York.

This news comes to us via Entertainment Weekly, which reveals that Boom Studios also has some related non-comics books on the docket:


The announcement about the crossover comic follows the news that Boom! Studios is publishing two non-fiction books this year by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry to mark the 30th anniversary of Big Trouble in Little China. The first, The Official Making of Big Trouble in Lttle China, arrives in stores this August, while the second, The Art of Big Trouble in Little China, is out in November.


via Entertainment Weekly
via Entertainment Weekly