In collaboration with Lucasfilm, Australian fashion brand Black Milk Clothing released their final installment of their Star Wars Collection last week (the first and second installments can be seen here and here). With Star Wars Ep 3 - Attacked By Clones, Black Milk Clothing's new Star Wars set includes a frozen Han Solo dress, a Star Wars manga swimsuit, and an Art Nouveau Leia dress (featuring the artwork of Adam Hughes). In addition to the new Star Wars apparel, Black Milk also released Gameboy Color-inspired swimsuits and a Cthulhu dress for stylish Lovecraftians.
Known for their previous catalogue of galaxy-printed spandex and Game Boy dresses, Black Milk Clothing utilizes digital printing to create unique apparel that is frequently pop-culture-friendly, often limited edition, and always fashion forward. While their designs may not be suitable for the stylishly subtle, Black Milk produces some great statement pieces that are bound to please both geeks and fashionistas alike.

Black Milk is offering free express shipping this month, making the following some excellent last minute gift choices for the geeky girl in your life.

Gamer Blue Swimsuit, $94.92

Gamer Green Swimsuit, $94.92

Gamer Pink Swimsuit, $94.92

Gamer Purple Swimsuit, $94.92

Gamer Turquoise Swimsuit, $94.92

Gamer Yellow Swimsuit, $94.92

Cthulhu Dress, $104.41

Cthulhu Swimsuit, $94.92

Frozen Solo Dress, $137.10

Star Wars Manga Dress, $137.10

Art Nouveau Leia Dress, $137.10

Storm Trooper Dress, $137.10

Vader Comic Swimsuit, $126.56

Star Wars Manga Swimsuit, $126.56

Yoda & Luke Leggings, $110.74

Chewie & Han Leggings, $110.74

Frozen Solo Leggings, $110.74

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