Relaunching comic books with new #1 issues and alternate takes on familiar characters is nothing new in the world of super-hero comics, with the upcoming DC Comics relaunch as the latest and greatest example. Rebooting without the baggage of old stories can add new life to characters -- or completely misinterpret them in very fundamental ways.

With that in mind, we've commissioned an original art series of Indie Reboots from Kevin Mellon (Heart, Lovestruck), imagining how some of the most iconic independent comics might look today if they went through the mainstream reboot machine. The classic all-ages Jeff Smith comic is up next, as Bone becomes Bone the Barbarian.


Exiled from his homeland of Boneboria, the warrior Fone Bonan sets out on a epic quest to find the mythical Crown of Horns, an artifact of great and terrible power that will grant a vast kingdom to any man who dares to claim it. But he is not the only one who seeks the Crown, and though dark wizards, fearsome dragons, and hordes of stupid, stupid rat creatures seek to block his path, they will soon learn that the Bone who would be King has no mercy for either man or monster -- save the mercy of his sword point. Joined by the warrior maiden Thorn, he must cross vast deserts and haunted valleys on the long march towards the mountain lair of warlord Kingdok, and the final battle that will decide the fate not only of one bonebarian, but the fate of the world.

See our previous Indie Reboot art:

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