Paul Levitz has been a name in the world of comics for more than 40 years, having worked in the industry since he was a teenager, but his name has always been associated with one publisher, DC Comics, until now.

BOOM! Studios announced today at the ComicsPRO retailers' membership meeting that the former DC Publisher and President would be joining its board of directors, where he'll serve as a consultant and adviser for the nine-year-old publisher.

Levitz told the Associated Press that BOOM! is "is an interesting company in an interesting time," and that the comics medium is enjoying its most "creatively fertile" period in its history.

Perhaps the reality is that Levitz only wanted an advisory role. In the AP story, Levitz says he'll be "a voice on the phone," which means the born-and-bred New Yorker may just not want to move to Los Angeles, where BOOM! is based.

Levitz stepped down as DC's President and Publisher in 2009, a prelude to the company's reorganization as DC Entertainment. As a freelance writer, Levitz's recent work includes the the New 52 version of Legion of Super-Heroes, a title to which he can easily claim a large degree of ownership over the decades, and the ongoing World's Finest.

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