As of Wednesday, there's nothing to go on but a teaser image, but it appears that Boom! Studios will be publishing a comic based in John Carpenter's 1986 movie Big Trouble in Little China sometime in the near future.

The image, which depicts Kurt Russell's character Jack Burton from the very recognizable chin down, is drawn by The Goon creator Eric Powell. It's accompanies by a Jack Burton line from the movie: "Everybody relax! I'm here." Check out the full image after the jump.

Big Trouble in Little China was such a huge flop upon its release that it drove Carpenter away from studio films. But in the years since, the movie has become a cult classic and has appeared on numerous "greatest movies of all time" lists.

There are still numerous questions about what Boom's comic will be -- whether it'll be an adaptation, a sequel or spinoff; what Powell's involvement will be; whether the book will use the actors' likenesses -- but it won't be the first time Big Trouble in Little China has come to comics. In 2010, the company Crank Left released a series called Jack Burton Adventures, documenting the title character's exploits after the film.

And if you haven't seen the movie, it's available for streaming on Netflix. Just go watch it. It's terrific.


Boom Studios Big Trouble In Little China Teaser


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