If there are two things I love in this cruel, cruel world of ours, they are, without a doubt, bragging about my accomplishments through clothing accessories and Lumberjanes, the incredible new book by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson and Brooke Allen that's currently coming out from Boom! Studios. And now, there is a way to combine them: At San Diego's Comic-Con International, looming ever closer later this month, the publisher will have Lumberjanes Scout Patches available for fans to buy and apply to their own clothing to celebrate what they've learned.

The badges will be based on the ones that have actually appeared in the comic, starting off with a set of four that include an unrevealed mystery patch, available during the con.



The first set, designed by cartoonist and ComicsAlliance contributor Kate Leth, includes four badges:

  • Naval Gauging Badge - Awarded for proficiency in canoeing...and of course, for successfully navigating monster-infested waters
  • Pungeon Master Badge - Awarded for being exceptionally pun-ny
  • Up All Night Badge - Awarded for staying awake all night and up out of your bed after lights out
  • Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Badge - To be revealed!

According to the press release, there may be more badges on the way as well -- and withLumberjanes recently being upgraded to an ongoing series, it seems pretty likely that we'll be seeing more in the pages of the comic.

As for how to get them, they'll be available at Boom!'s booth during Comic-Con as a set of four for $20, and while I don't think they'll be placing any restrictions on who can buy them, one assumes that following the Lumberjanes Pledge is, at minimum, encouraged.