Boom! Studios has a new miniseries on the way, which it teased today by announcing no details about the plot, creative team, or even the title of the book -- only the picture below, which looks surprisingly like a certain Mr. Samuel L. Jackson.

Jackson is no stranger to comics, both as a fan himself and someone who has achieved the rare feat of inspiring a comic book character in the Marvel Universe. Not only was the Ultimate universe version of Nick Fury modeled after his likeness, he also appeared as the eyepatched superspy in an uncredited scene at the very end of the "Iron Man" movie reel, and later signed a nine movie deal to appear in future Marvel movies, like "Thor" and "Captain America."

So what is a startling likeness of the "Snakes on a Plane" star doing on the cover of a Boom! Studios comic?

Well, according to Robot 6, he's writing a comic book called "Cold Space":

(W) Samuel L. Jackson, Eric Calderon (A) Jeremy Rock
From legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson and Emmy nominated writer/producer Eric Calderon, the team that brought you the Emmy-award-winning, best-selling Afro Samurai, comes their next original series - Cold Space! When an on-the-run outlaw crash-lands on a hostile planet on the brink of civil war, he finds himself caught in the crossfire between two warring factions. But in chaos lies opportunity... because where there's war, there's money to be made! A hard-boiled sci-fi action-adventure with covers by Eisner Award-winning artist Dave Johnson and Irredeemable cover artist, Jeffrey Spokes!
32pgs, FC $3.99

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