After last week's tragic events in the city of Boston led to the postponement of Boston Comic Con, the show's organizers collaborated with New England's local comic shops to put together a variety of events throughout the weekend, to the delight of the convention's would-be attendees. Local comic retailers held their own free mini-conventions, wherein each shop set up an artist alley featuring a handful of Boston Comic Con's guest creators. In light of Boston Comic Con's tumultuous events that occurred over the week in Boston, both fans and creators seemed rather content and grateful to participate in these events after a week of stress and anxiety.

After a day of "lockdown" in my headquarters, I decided to celebrate the new day in Boston by trekking out to the Not-The-Boston-Comic-Con Get-Together at Comicazi in Somerville, where Tim Sale, David Mack, Bill Willingham, Don Rosa, Ming Doyle, Erica Henderson, Agnes Garbowska, Tim Seeley, Ale Garza and Nick Bradshaw were stationed with merchandise in tow. Check out photos from the event after the cut!

Not only did Comicazi have the exclusive Boston Comic Con 2013 shirt (designed by Sale) and the exclusive Boston Comic Con variant cover for My Little Pony (illustrated by Agnes Garbowska) available, many of the artists provided free sketches for fans. Judging by the overwhelming turnout at all of the impromptu events this weekend, it's clear the spirit of the convention, and the city, is still standing strong.

Organizers plan to reschedule Boston Comic Con to a later date this year.

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Don Rosa

Erica Henderson

Tim Sale and Ming Doyle

Tim Sale

Bill Willingham and David Mack

Donald Duck by Don Rosa

Erica Henderson and Don Rosa

Ming Doyle

Ozma by Bill Willingham

Uncle Scrooge by Don Rosa

Ming Doyle

Batgirl and Marceline by Ming Doyle and Erica Henderson

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