IDW has become the place to go for ultra-modern, relevant and exciting comic book adaptations of your favorite childhood franchises. Whether it's Transformers, Jem and the Holograms or Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles, IDW has been on a roll with titles that go way beyond nostalgia-grabs, and in some cases are some of the very best comics on the stands.

This is a trend the publisher hopes to continue with the announcement, via USA Today, that Brandon Easton and Tony Vargas will work on a new comic featuring MASK, the 1980s cartoon about a vehicle-based law enforcement agency that was kind of Transformers and GI Joe at the same time.

MASK stands for Mobile Armored Strike Command, and the team, led by Matt Trakker, went up against the villain VENOM, or Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem, led by Miles "Mayhem" Manheim. Easton, a screenwriter whose credits includde the Thundercats reboot and ABC's Agent Carter, plus the indie comic series Watson And Holmes, promises a modern take on the franchise, while retaining the inherent awesomeness of a motorbike that grows helicopter blades.

The new series casts Trakker as a new MASK recruit following the discovery of his mentor Manheim's evil ways, and we're promised that the VENOM leader will be less bumbling than in the cartoon and much more ruthless. The vehicles and technology will also be updated for the 21st century, but will remain recognizable for fans of the classic show.

No date was given for the debut of the new MASK series, but you can read the full announcement, including comments from Easton, at USA Today.

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