Boom! Studios' Bravest Warriors ongoing is getting extra ripped (and alien-ed and drive-in-ed) this May with a host of fun alternate covers by Tyson Hesse, Nick Edwards, Yehudi Mercado and Jeremy Sorese. The quartet of cover artists joins writer Joey Comeau and interior artist Mike Holmes, who are capping the series' second story arc in Bravest Warriors #8, which underscores the success of the Pendleton Ward-created Cartoon Hangover web toon's comic book adaptation from Boom! Not every mini graduates to an ongoing these days, let alone an all-ages book, so it's no small thing to see a book double its original lifespan and keep on truckin' into 2013. You can get a first look at all four covers after the cut.From Boom!'s official solicitation info:

FINAL ISSUE OF THE ARC! The most nefarious force in the universe has finally followed through with its plan to steal brains through an alien beauty pageant! Can the Warriors stop it with POWER and RESPECT? The final issue of the arc, and the final Nick Edwards connecting B cover!

You can see all four Bravest Warriors #8 covers below:

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Tyson Hesse

Nick Edwards

Yehudi Mercado

Jeremy Sorese

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