Tyson Hesse's Diesel is a bright and accessible steampunk series featuring flying cars, airships, and adventures starring a plucky young girl out to prove herself worthy of her father's legacy. Later this month, Boom Studios will publish the series' first original graphic novel, Diesel: Ignition and the publisher has provided us with an exclusive first look inside!

The original miniseries featured Diandra Diesel discovering the mysterious flying engine that took her from picking up her worst rival's trash to an adventure among the clouds. This new graphic novel sees her exploring beyond her airship colony Peacetowne to the weirdest corners of her world after the arrival of an unknown army from beneath the clouds.

Check out a preview from the book's fifth chapter below:



Here's the full solicitation information

Retail Price: $14.99
Writer: Tyson Hesse
Artist: Tyson Hesse
Cover Artist: Tyson Hesse
· The first-ever original graphic novel spawning out of Tyson Hesse’s Diesel, Hesse’s popular “punk motif”-inspired, coming-of-age story about Diandra “Dee” Diesel, her mysterious flying engine, and the airship colony she lives on, Peacetowne.
· When a long-lost army suddenly appears from beneath the clouds, one impulsive decision made by Dee will change her destiny forever.
· With only her broken-down robot companion and a mysterious flying engine to help her, Dee is sent on a sky-bound journey that will take her from the darkest wastelands below the clouds to the brightest capital of her world.
· Her greatest challenge will be to look beyond her family legacy and create a destiny of her own choosing.
· Tyson Hesse’s (Amazing World of Gumball, Bravest Warriors) visually stunning graphic novel examines the importance of family, responsibility, and heroism, all set in a grand, new world!