Frederator Studios' Cartoon Hangover blog has been abuzz with concept art and teaser material for Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward's next animated series known as Bravest Warriors. Originally appearing as a series of shorts on Nickelodeon in 2009, Bravest Warriors looks to be graduating to full-on animated series status soon, which seems like a no-brainer considering the success of the similarly whimsical Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. To bring the show to life, Executive Producer Breehn Burns created comic book style development art showing off the tokusatsu and anime-influenced team in action. The most recently revealed page is the most engaging yet, but what's even more interesting is the official description which teases that "...Bravest Warriors comics are something else we need to talk about." Seems like a good sign for comic fans.With Boom! Studios' first issue of Adventure Time receiving a record three printings, an all-ages Bravest Warriors ongoing seems like a promising title for publishers. Given Boom!'s existing relationship with Frederator, it's the most obvious publishing candidate, but the free spirits behind the show could always go the webcomic route or perhaps even another nontraditional digital/print direction. In any case, the outlook for comics featuring cute teens with animal weapons and heat-sensitive stickers (gotta love the Battle Beasts/Transformers/every other toy from the '80s reference) seem very good.

You can check out Breehn's two pieces of Bravest Warriors development art below:

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