Following the success of Spaceman, the Vertigo miniseries that reunited the entire team behind the multiple Eisner award winning 100 Bullets, DC Comics and Vertigo have announced that writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso are revisiting the world of their critically acclaimed crime series, and once again the rest of the creative team is joining them. This spring, Vertigo will release Brother Lono #1, the first issue of a miniseries that focuses on the ultra-violent member of the Minutemen.Taking place after the events at the end of 100 Bullets, this new miniseries spotlights Lono, whose fate at the end of the original series was unclear. First appearing in 100 Bullets #5, Lono was a mainstay of the series throughout its run. The large, almost inhumanly strong and seemingly indestructible Lono was a favorite character among 100 Bullets fans, and this new story will give devotees of the original series -- the third longest running Vertigo series ever behind only Hellblazer and Fables -- answers as to what ultimately became of the rogue member of Agent Graves' Minutemen.

Reuniting with Azzarello and Risso on this series are colorist Trish Mulvihill, letterer Clem Robbins and cover artist Dave Johnson. This will be the third miniseries Azzarello and Risso have collaborated on for Vertigo, following Jonny Double (the first work the two produced together) and last year's Spaceman.

Brother Lono #1 is set to arrive in stores this June.

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