Wayward comics and television writer Brian K. Vaughan has finally resurfaced in a new report from Deadline Hollywood, who say the lauded creator of "Y: The Last Man" will return to the public stage in "Smokers," a new Fox television series produced by Stars Road Entertainment, the production company of "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi.

Created by Vaughan, "Smokers" is described by Deadline as a "high-concept drama about a documentary crew following working class heroes who exterminate alien threats in deep space." The one-line description leaves a lot to the imagination. A documentary? Like "The Office?" In space? "'The Office' in space with aliens!" Well, it's probably nothing at all like that, but what's certainly true is that we're all very happy to see anything from Vaughan on the horizon.

Indeed, new work from the writer has been conspicuously absent over the last couple of years. Following the great successes of "Y: The Last Man," "Pride of Baghdad" and "Runaways," Vaughan reduced his comic book output to just "Ex Machina," his WildStorm series with Tony Harris, although Vaughan presumably completed his work on that book quite some time before its final issue shipped in August. Vaughan also left the writing staff of "Lost" before the final season of the hugely popular ABC series commenced.

The "Smokers" project is part of a hat-trick deal on the part of Raimi's Stars Road, who've sold three different hour-long series to three different network. No launch date or other details have been announced.

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