Here at ComicsAlliance, we've got a soft spot for all things LEGO, and when they collide with all things comics, the results -- like Angus MacClane's CubeDude creations -- but we've never seen anything quite like Orion Pax's comic-inspired sculptures:

At first glance, his "LEGOptimus Prime" is a dead ringer for the original toy, but when you look closer, there's some incredibly creative part use that makes this figure great, like the use of 14 shiny daggers to make the truck grille. What's more, the small car is actually a motorized RC vehicle that fits inside the truck.

And that's far from the only amazing creation he's built...


(Capped off by a modified Buzz Lightyear head!)

Donatello, of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(Comic book version, as you can tell by the red mask and belt)

Castle Greyskull and the Masters of the Universe

The Ghostbusters Firehouse and ECTO-1

The Forces of COBRA, with FANG Helicopter, Trouble Bubble, and HISS Tank

For larger images, other angles and more creations -- including awesome versions of Transformers like Bumblebee and a GI Joe roster that includes the HAVOC tank and Skystriker jet -- check out Orion Pax's photostream on Flickr.

(via Dave Lartigue)

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