In 2005, DC Comics launched Grant Morrison's "Seven Soldiers," a set of seven miniseries and two one-shots that, together, formed an interweaving, complex tale. Backing him up were a murderer's row of big-name superhero stars and new talents, and now there seems to be a bit of a reunion going on in Morrison's upcoming "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne" miniseries.

This morning on the Source, DC announced that "Klarion the Witch-boy" artist Frazer Irving, "Guardian" artist Cameron Stewart, "Zatanna"'s Ryan Sook and "Bulleteer"'s Yanick Paquette will be joined by Chris Sprouse ("Tom Strong") and Lee Garbett ("Batgirl") as the complete artistic team on the summer event title. Many of these "Seven Soldiers" veterans are also former Marvel defects – it's commonly joked that Marvel used the maxiseries as a talent scout, since during or almost immediately after its publication Paquette, Sook, Irving, Simone Bianchi and Pasqual Ferry all took up residence at DC's main competitor.

The artists also provide more clues as to what the individual issues might be like – Lee Garbett's more traditional superhero style fits the last chapter, while Irving's practically made a career drawing pilgrims and witch-hunters. Paquette's "sexy" style sort of implies a kind of saucy pirate story, while Ryan Sook is great at hardboiled noir and Cameron Stewart can draw anything so hey why not the Old West?

DC also announced second-issue artist Frazer Irving would be pulling Moz-Bats double duty doing issues #13-16 of "Batman and Robin," months after Morrison revealed he'd be working on the series.

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