Movies: Here's a fairly clear look at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne on the set of
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. [


Television: While we're on the topic of civilian identities, here's Charlie Cox's look as Matt Murdock on the new Netflix Daredevil series. [ScreenCrush]



Apparel: Writer Matt Fraction will donate his entire curation commission for We Love Fine's new Hawkeye sign language shirt to the Signing Time Foundation, a charity that helps deaf kids learn sign language. [Robot6]



Art: Cartoonist Zac Gorman has worked up a really cool poster for a really great game: Grim Fandango. [Screenburn]


Crowdfunding: An Indiegogo campaign is underway to fund a documentary about The Million Year Picnic, Cambridge, Massachusetts' staple comic shop. [Indiegogo]



Television: Though Kate Spencer has already appeared on the show as Starling City's district attorney, it appears Mark Shaw will be Arrow's official Manhunter, and he'll be played by Medium's David Cubitt. [THR]

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