Earlier this week ComicsAlliance published an editorial by Chris Sims entitled "Kevin Smith's Comic Book Men' Is a Compelling Argument Against Comic Book Stores," in which Sims made remarks critical of the recently premiered AMC reality television series. Sims characterized the show as a "train wreck" and "contrived" and its cast of retail professionals as "stereotypical" and "awful," with Bryan Johnson (better known to fans of the Kevin Smith films as "Steve-Dave") identified specifically as not just the "worst" but also a "smarmy alpha nerd prick."

Johnson took issue with the piece and shared his thoughts with us via email. You can read his communiqué below.NOTE: The following has not been edited in any way except to comply with AOL policy with respect to profanity, which we have censored for your protection.

The opening quotation comes from Sims' review of Comic Book Men.

"(Bryan Said) the corseted goth girl who tries to sell a Chucky doll looks like she's "mentally ill," which is why I have no problem saying that he looks like Dumbledore f**ed a mushroom"

First off I didn't make the remark about the goth girl, Walt did. In fact, I wasn't even in that scene. Nice journalism & way to pay attention to detail. Secondly, the Dumbledore 'joke' (talk about playing into nerd stereotypes) you claim to have no problem making...Of course it's not a problem when you're sitting in front of a computer monitor congratulating yourself on your biting wit. Maybe we'll happen to meet up in San Diego con this year and we'll see if you have a problem running your b*tch mouth in person.

You're like every other elitist comic book reviewer out there. You know how the show SHOULD have been made but shockingly no one approached YOU to make one. Nor did you have the juice to get in a room to pitch one. And by golly, I'm sure the conversations you and your buddies used to have when you worked in a comic book store were just scintillating and put ours to shame.

Though you could check with our 'Tell 'Em Steve Dave' podcast audience. We have 100K listeners+ downloading our show every week. Something tells me you're getting way fewer hits than that with your dopey articles. And btw, if you're going to curse, curse. Enough with the asterisks. You sound like a complete a**hole.

By judging everyone & everything on the show negatively in the span of one episode all you do is hurt a dying industry you claim to love. In the end all you do is play into the smug, know-it-all, jealous comic book/collectible jerk off stereotype which we all know the general population regards with a negatively charged judgmental slant.

F**k you and your bulls**t review,

Bryan Johnson

ps can you please tell Laura Hudson she has a nice smile for me? C'mon, hook a brother up.

Johnson correctly identifies an inaccuracy in the original Comic Book Men review. He did not, as Sims wrote, characterize the lone female customer as being among "the mentally ill." That remark was made by another cast member, Walt Flanagan.

To correct the record, what Johnson actually said about the same woman was, "This was not a teenager, but she's walking around in a corset with a doll tucked under arm that she thinks is real. Why did you not immediately throw a butterfly net over her and haul her off?"

We regret the error.

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