Jeff Parker and Erika Moen's Portland-based murder mystery webcomic Bucko will be released in print this September by Dark Horse Comics, the publisher announced today at Emerald City Comic Con. The collection will include the entirety of the online strip, plus "tons of extras, including brand-new strips, commentary, and info on the real-life inspirations for Bucko." Moen and Parker spoke with ComicsAlliance after the final Bucko strip was posted online, and teased an epilogue dealing with the long-awaited tryst between Bucko, Gypsy, and Gypsy's roommate. Parker confirmed that the three-way will, in fact, occur in the bonus content of the print edition."We have crammed in a lot of bonus material like the Juggalette's Tale that readers never got to see during the online story," Parker told ComicsAlliance. "Erika and I are co-drawing an epilogue where the fabled three-way happens too. And Dark Horse is really making this a sweet package. This is better than I even imagined."

The story of Bucko begins with a man urgently racing to the toilet after a failed job interview and a long night of drinking, only to find a dead body on the bathroom floor. After becoming a suspect in the murder, Bucko sets out to find the real culprit and finds himself on a whirlwind tour through the quirky subcultures of Portland, Oregon and its hipsters, Juggalos, steampunk enthusiasts, hobo camps and ghost bicycles.

"This was a really unique collaboration, in that Parker would only give me one page of script at a time, so as the artist I had no idea which characters were going to stick around or what was coming up in the story next. I was reading this story with the same surprise as our audience," said Moen. "If you are looking for something irreverent, something tastefully obscene, something that pokes fun at sacred alterna-culture cows, then it is possible you will like this. But you might not. That's cool too."

"My main discovery in working on Bucko is finding out that many people are fascinated by the same weird mess that Erika and I are. And that nothing is off limits when it comes to humor and story if you pedal into it full steam with no hand brakes like we did," added Parker.

The collection will be released in stores on September 19th, 2012.

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