You can't keep a good time-traveling badass down, it seems. Having returned to the mainstream Marvel Universe in this year's Avengers: X-Sanction mini-series, Nathan Summers will team up with some familiar faces for the latest Marvel NOW! launch, Cable and X-Force.The new ongoing series by X-Men Season One writer Dennis Hopeless and Invincible Iron Man artist Salvador Larroca brings Cable together with Colossus, Dr. Nemesis, Forge and regular conspirator Domino as they try to save the world while on the run from the authorities (including the Uncanny Avengers) after being wrongfully accused of terrorist activities. "They're fugitives being chased across the globe and doing what good they can while always looking back over their shoulders," Hopeless explains in Marvel's official press release, adding that "there's not much room for error on this team."

Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso is excited about the new book. "This is going to be one of the most explosive Marvel NOW! launches," he's quoted as saying in the PR. "Dennis and Salvador are bringing a new look and feel to X-Force, with a story that hearkens back to the core themes that made them such a phenomenon while moving forward in an exciting way."

Interestingly enough, Hopeless describes the team as "the X-Force that Cable's leading," adding to speculation that there will be more than one X-Force during the Marvel NOW! relaunch.

Cable and X-Force launches this December.