From the moment that she walked on-panel to help defeat Judge Death and his plans for interdimensional genocide, Judge Cassandra Anderson has been one of Mega-City One's mot prominent heroes. Since then, she's been encased in plastic, traveled to Deadworld on multiple occasions, taken a trip to post-apocalyptic Texas, and --- of course --- been the mainstay of the Justice Department's Psi-Division. But even with all that, we haven't seen too much of her early years on the force.

Now, though, 2000 AD is collecting the stories of her early days in Cadet Anderson: Teenage Kyx. Set for release in January, the paperback volume shows the earliest missions for the young (and extremely psychically gifted) judge, and show how she arrived at an interpretation of the law that's not quite as unyielding as her occasional partner, Judge Dredd's. Check out a preview below!



Here's the solicitation, courtesy of 2000 AD:



REGIONS: UK and Ireland, worldwide digital
RELEASE DATE: 12 January 2017
PRICE: £14.99 (UK)
ISBN: 9781781085394

WRITER: Alan Grant
ARTIST: Carlos Ezquerra, Patrick Goddard, Steve Yeowell
COVER: Glenn Fabry

Judge Anderson's adventures as a cadet Judge on the mean streets of Mega-City One, collected for the first time! When the psychically powerful 3-year-old Cassandra Anderson killed her abusive father, she was taken into the custody of Justice Department, who blocked the memories of her traumatic childhood. Inducted into the Psi-Division as a cadet, where the Judges use telepaths, empaths, precogs, and others with psychic abilities to aid the fight against crime, Anderson is thrown in the deep end as she faces up to the worst Mega-City One has to offer.