Following the teaser image released yesterday, Cameron Stewart has debuted the first 18 pages of Niro, his forthcoming self-published digital and print comic set to debut in 2013. The Eisner Award-winning artist, best known for his work on Seaguy, Batman & Robin, and the (soon to be published by Dark Horse) webcomic Sintulo, among others, describes the titular character as a "gunslinging cleric," and says the series was inspired by the work of Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Sergio Leone and Alejandro Jodorowski.Stewart offers the premise of Niro on the series' website:

"NIRO is the story of a gunslinger cleric and a young girl who becomes his unlikely companion as they search for The Nomad - a roaming fortress that may hold both the girl's captive family, and answers to NIRO's mysterious past."

Niro will initially be serialized in DRM-free, downloadable installments, but Stewart plans to publish the entire story in print as one edition following its completion.

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For the rest of the preview, you can head to the Niro website.

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