When the first Funko Pop arrived in 2010, I don't think there was anyone not under the employ of the company that believed just a scant six years later, Funko would rule the world. Since the line's soft launch with Batman at San Diego Comic-Con back in 2010, Funko has exploded exponentially. I like to joke about how outrageous it is that these little bobbleheaded figures will outlast the human race, but that trivializes just how hard the company has worked to branch out and explore other avenues while Pops continue to dominate the toy landscape.

Funko Pops are such a big deal now that when a new character gets announced, it's reason for excitement. Such is the case today, as the creative team behind the Batgirl of Burnside era debuted the all-new Batgirl Pop, which is based on Babs Tarr's and Cameron Stewart's redesign.

The creative team --- including co-writer Brenden Fletcher --- took to social media to announce the Pop, which is certainly one way to get the word out for the upcoming figure.



This isn't the first time the trio has broken news of Burnside Batgirl collectibles, but with two new creative teams providing her adventures in the DC Rebirth (and Fletcher, Tarr and Stewart having moved on together to Motor Crush), it's not likely to happen much more, if again at all. It's a fitting bit of tribute though to get their hands on the fan-favorite incarnation of Barbara Gordon before anyone else.

It's a nice little figure, with the bright yellow Docs holding her imposing stance in place. I would have loved to see her interacting with something (like her smartphone) to give her a bit more personality. There have been but a few Batgirl Pops over the last six years, so I guess I should just be happy this variation got a figure at all.

The Funko DC Super Heroes Batgirl (Burnside) will be available soon, though no official release date has been offered.


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