Earlier this week Sega got fans stoked with a flurry of impressive-looking screen captures and concept art from its newly-announced "Captain America: Super Soldier" videogame tie-in to Chris Evans' 2011 "Captain America: The First Avenger" film. Now the game publisher is topping its initial aesthetic debut with a brand new trailer showing off Steve Rogers' combat skills at work.Debuting today at IGN, the new trailer demonstrates Cap's strength, speed and agility as he leaps around a European castle of sorts shattering the faces of the Red Skull's army. The coolest and most unexpected part, though? Shield tossing.

Fans have gotten a taste of what Cap's indestructible weapon can do in other games like Activision's "Ultimate Alliance" series and, to a much humbler extent, Data East's 1991 "Captain America and the Avengers," but the boomerang-like offensive capabilities of the shield look to be much further explored in "Super Soldier."

Check out the new trailer below:

[Via iFanboy]

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